Fall Finale

October 13, 2019

Fall Finale

October 13, 2019
Please note: Your team is not confirmed in the tournament until full payment is received. No refunds will be issued if you cancel registration. If you need further assistance or have any questions please call Michael Robertson at (512) 953-7529.

tournament overview

Close out your Fall season in style at the RiseUp Tournaments Fall Finale! You don't want to miss this great event, hosting some of the best teams in the Central Texas area. The CEBL has partnered with the RiseUp Tournaments Series to bring a whole new excitement and thrill to our events! You want to be a part of this Fall Series! Don't miss out, register today!


  • Open to Boys’ 10U/4th grade-14U/8th grade and Girls’ 11U/5th grade-14U/8th grade teams
  • Standard RiseUp Tournament Series Rules
  • Excellent facilities
  • 3-game guarantee
  • This is a one-day event. All championship games will end by 9 pm.
  • Awards (1st place only) in each division
  • Entry fee is $175 / team
  • NO Multi-Team discounts for this event
  • Registration Closes Tuesday, September 03, 2019 @ 11:59PM


Result will be posted after each event.

Tournament Regulations & Guidelines



                                For all RiseUp Tournament Series Events See Standard RiseUp Tournament Series Rules below...

  1. All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 to 4 scheduled games (See tournament details). Team awards will be given for 1st place in each division.
  2. Players may play on only 1 team within a tournament age group but on no more than two teams per event. A player’s eligibility will be based on & verified by a current report card, if requested. Players may play “up” in an older age group. This means that an eligible player in the 5th grade division may play up in the 6th grade division, but may NOT play on two 5th or two 6th grade teams during the same event.
  3. Regulation High School Activities Association rules will be followed with the following exceptions:
    1. 18-minute running clock with a 2 minute half time. If a team is ahead by 20 points or more, the clock will continue to run until the point differential is back to <12 then the clock will stop in the last 2-minutes of the 2nd half only.
    2. In addition, the clock will not stop on all technical fouls.
    3. Teams with a 20+ point lead are not allowed to press over half-court.
      1. The first violation will be a warning. The second & all subsequent violations will result in a technical foul being assessed to the bench if the officials deem it intentional.
    4. 3-minute warm-up & 2-minute half time unless the Tournament Director / Gym Monitor deem it necessary to shorten these times to get the tournament back on schedule.
    5. Game time is forfeit time. Games may start early to keep tournament on schedule if both coaches agree.
    6. Jerseys need only have a number on the back with no number restrictions.
    7. Two time-outs per half.  All 30-second time-outs. Time outs are not carried over to the second half or to any overtime period(s).
    8. Referee may stop the game clock within reason. Intentionally wasting time to shorten the game can be punished by a technical foul. This does not mean a team cannot use a delay offense at anytime they choose
    9. Team fouls will be shot on the 10th team foul. No one & one on the 7th foul.
  4. Tiebreaker procedure:
    1. If there is a 2-way tie based on wins-losses, then head-to-head results will be used.
    2. If there is a 3-way tie based on wins-losses, then a point differential system will be used based on cumulative margin of victory for all games played will be used (15-points per game is maximum).
    3. If there is a 3-way tie based on wins-losses and also a subsequent 2-way tie based on the point differential system above, then head-to-head between the 2 teams will be used to determine which team gets the higher position.
  5. Overtimes will be 2 minutes in length. The clock stops on all dead balls during an overtime. Double overtime will be sudden death.
    1. Teams will receive 1 full time-out per overtime.
  6. The roster you list on the Official games scorebook / score sheet for your FIRST game of each tournament is your roster for the weekend. Make sure to include on this first roster any player who for any reason is not playing the first game, but intends to play following games.
  7. The HOME (First team listed on the schedule) team will provide the bookkeeper as well as the game ball.  The VISITOR will provide the clock operator.  Teams may switch responsibilities at the HOME team’s discretion. The Home team wears white and is the first team listed on the schedule or the top team listed on the bracket.
  8. Ball Size
    1. Girls – 28.5” ball
    2. Boys
      1. 4th – 6th Grade Boys and all girls teams will use 28.5” ball
      2. 7th Grade & older boys will use an Official 29.5” size ball
  9. No locker rooms or changing facilities will be provided and teams must provide their own basketballs for warm-up & games.
  10. All games will be officiated by certified officials.
  11. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated from Coaches, players OR parents.  The Tournament Director and/or Gym Monitor and/or Officials have the right to stop the game in order to remove misbehaving personnel from the gym.  Anyone dismissed from a game for inappropriate behavior, will NOT be allowed back into the tournament from that point forward.
    1. NOTE: Coaches will be held accountable for the behavior of their team’s parents.  If parent’s behavior is out-of-line as determined by the Tournament Director and/or Gym Monitor and/or Officials, that team may be disqualified from the remainder of the tournament.  No refunds (tour fees, entry fees, etc.) will be issued for a team that is disqualified.
  12. Each tournament site will have a Gym Monitor, please direct all questions, comments, or concerns to this individual.
  13. No outside food or drinks are allowed in the tournament facilities, unless otherwise noted.
  14. If you would like to contest a game (ineligible player due to grade, etc.) there is a $75 fee (non-refundable).  The Tournament Director will settle all disputes and all decisions are final.  You MUST let the gym monitor know immediately after your game is completed that you wish to contest the game and the reason why.  The $75 fee (cash only) is due at that time, payable to the Gym Monitor.  This must be done prior to the start of the next game (which could start with minimal warm-up time if the tournament schedule is behind).



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