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  • Austin Legacy
    Basketball organization

    We play in the Rise Up Tournament the last 3 years and each year it grows and shows the quality we appreciate in a well-structured event. The Host takes great care of each team with a personal touch. The competition is balanced and extremely competitive. Its easily one of the events we plan to attend each year. Great Texas Basketball.

  • Ben Beckworth
    SHAPE Basketball Club

    RiseUp is one of few tournaments of quality offered in the Austin area. It provided a highly competitive, well organized and well officiated atmosphere throughout the duration of the entire event. I highly recommend this tournament to any team or organization. Antoine Holmes is a really caring man who wants nothing but the best for all who participates in his tournaments. He has dedicated more time to the improvement of youth basketball in the Austin area than can be expressed here. His dedication is greatly appreciated by myself, our club, and many others throughout the Central Texas area.

  • Kiara Marshall
    Asst. Women’s Basketball Coach

    I’ve had the pleasure to work with the Rise up Tournament series. This Event has a tremendous amount of talent. With all of the time that the coaching staff and players invest in Select programs there is no doubt that Rise Up presents Quality Tournaments in Central Texas. The experience that I’ve received working with this league has forwarded me the opportunity to move on and to coach at the college level. I will take the lessons I’ve learned from observing during this event.

  • L McDonald

    Rise Up Tournament is about helping the Community and clearly one of the best well run events in Central Texas. As a High School Coach I appreciate the dedication and respect the quality of this event. The Competition is some of the Best in Central Texas.

  • Dave Timberger
    Coach, Austin Wildcats

    The Rise Up Tournament provides great Value for all that participate. The Directors truly look to ensure all teams have a wonderful experience with highly competitive play. The Wildcats look forward to these events every single year.

  • Johnny Bell
    Coach, Centex Heat

    The competition is outstanding and the facilities were top notch. They had a great officiating crew as well. The event was well put together and very organized. They run the best events in town, hands down. I look forward to playing in many more of the RiseUp events!

  • Coach Carlos
    Sky Hook Basketball Academy

    Excellent tournament as it is very competitive which is most important in a family environment. We appreciate having a mix of international play as well as local talent. Rise Up tournament is one we will return to and look forward to participating in. The staff is excellent and kind.

  • Tim Moore
    Head Coach - St. Andrews Middle School

    When I entered my middle school team into the RiseUp Tournament Series Holiday Showcase event, I wasn't sure what kind of tournament to expect. I quickly learned that unlike many basketball tournaments, this one was well organized and competitive. Mike Robertson does a great job of communicating with the coaches and making sure everything is run smoothly. I won't hesitate to bring my team back to these tournaments every year.

  • Kim Atkins
    Austin Hoopz

    Austin Hoopz has participated in Rise Up over the years. Great Price and Fantastic Competition with excellent facilities. The Rise Up Tournament rises to be one of the best events in Central Texas

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